About the Journal

MJET has a strict identity reveal of the author and the reviewer, as it maintains a standard double-blind peer-review process. This means that the identity of the author and the reviewer are not known to each other.

MJET is an Open Access Journal, which does not charge readers or their institutions for access to the journal articles. The open access supports the rights of users to read, download, copy, distribhttps://muthjet.mu.edu.iq/en/aims-and-scope/ute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles provided that they are properly acknowledged and cited.

The scope of MJET includes a wide spectrum of subjects including: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (Structural Engineering; Soil and Geotechnical Engineering; Construction and Building Materials; Environmental Science and Technology; Infrastructure Management; Highway and Transportation Engineering; Water Resources Engineering and Architecture, Urban Planning and Sustainable Cities) – Chemical Engineering (Material and Energy Balances; Thermodynamics; Fluid Mechanics; Energy and Mass Transfer; Separations Technologies; Chemical Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design and Process Design) – Electrical Engineering (Power Engineering; Control Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Engineering) – Materials and Mechanical Engineering (Ceramic Engineering; Metallurgy; Polymer Engineering; Aerospace Engineering; Automotive Engineering; HVAC Engineering; Computer Aided Engineering; Mechatronics Engineering and Composite Structures).

Publication fees in MJET include submission, reviewing, editing, publishing, and uploading the accepted article in MJET website.  For all these services, MJET charges IQD100000 (about USD85) per article.